What We Make

Custom Seating

Banquettes add a stylish focal point to any room, while maximizing available seating in the space. Custom banquettes are designed and built to match the clients aesthetic and dimensional requirements for the room. Materials can vary from laminate, wood and steel, while incorporating power/data needs with virtually any fabric and style.


Bringing the beauty of the outdoors, indoors, creates a one-of-a kind piece of art that livens any space. Biophilic details can be aesthetic and functional at the same time. Walls can incorporate glass for white boards that foster collaboration, while planters define areas and allow for privacy when needed.

Collaboration Tables

When great minds think alike, they often need a place to work. Collaboration tables offer a unique space for employees to gather share their creativity and problem solve. Tables can be made in many sizes with a variety of materials, including wood, veneer, laminate, steel and stone. We also offer the ability to integrate TV/AV systems when your team can’t all be in the same place.

Conference Table

Conference tables come in all shapes and sizes and make a great first impressions to a client. Whatever the style they can reflect the personality of a company. With a wide variety of materials, we can create one-of-a-kind tables. from wood, veneer, stone, glass, steel and laminate. We also offer the ability to integrate TV/AV systems when your team can’t all be in the same place.


Credenzas are great pieces of stylish furniture that offer much needed storage along with the ability to hide certain elements in today’s clean office atmosphere. These multi-functional works of art can be built in a variety of sizes, with a wide range of materials to fit any office style. Materials can range from stone to high pressure laminate to metal and wood.


Over the last year there has been a change in the office atmosphere, that has led us to work from home and other unique spaces along the way. Even before these changes we have been designing and creating unique private and home office solutions to meet our clients needs. From live edge desks to floating credenzas, we can use a variety of materials to create the perfect home office for school or work.


We love to do custom residential projects as well. As with commercial, we can build and design pieces that are the focal points of your space. We offer design services and collaborate with homeowners to bring their vision to life. 

Reception Desks

Reception desks in many cases are the literal first impression visitors see when entering an office. When it comes to size and shape, let your imagination run wild. We have fabricated unique desks that stand out in a crowd. As with most custom items, the reception desks offer a chance to use a variety of materials that offer memorable creations.


Sometimes a client just wants a piece of art to highlight their space. We enjoy designing and fabricating sculptures that do just that. Most recently we created four unique sculptures using a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban. This entailed burning the wood, then sealing with an oil-based topcoat. Whatever the client’s vision, it can become a reality.


Space Dividers

Often a large open space needs to be delineated to create private areas. Dividers can be fabricated with wonderful style and function to do just that. With a wide range of materials dividers can be designed to be fixed or movable depending the client’s needs.