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The best DIY ideas frequently include repurposing older pieces of furniture or other miscellaneous items around the house. Reusing items that you would consider trashing is a great way to protect the environment and breathe new life into something you can love again. With the surge of DIY sites and projects, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from.

Common DIYs

There are general rules for DIY projects, but the most important rule is to always follow safety protocols. This includes wearing protective clothing, eyewear, and keeping sharp or small objects away from children. There are great projects that kids can be involved in, but be sure to keep a close eye on them at all times. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the more safe and less time consuming DIY projects.

  • Wooden pallet couch
  • Wall hanging bottle opener and catcher
  • Blanket or towel ladder
  • Headboard from old door
  • Tire ottoman
  • Shelves from old drawers

Simple DIY Project

Do you have an old dresser with drawers that don’t pull smoothly anymore? This DIY is the perfect way to reuse those old drawers in a unique and useful way. By removing the drawers and the sliding hardware, you can transform them into wall-hanging shelves. Simply sand, stain or paint, and hang on the wall for a fun way to store books, decor, or picture frames. These DIY shelves are an attractive and functional addition to any room.

When Not to DIY

There are DIY projects that you should absolutely NOT DIY. Professionals study for years to perform tasks such as plumbing, electrical, and structural building so you should not attempt DIY projects that included these tasks. Any project that requires welding should not be undertaken without professional help. The goal of many DIY projects is to avoid calling a professional but these projects are often dangerous and highly unrecommended. Please choose your DIY projects carefully and leave skilled labor projects to the professionals.

When to Choose a Professional

We recently had the privilege of creating a veneer table for a customer. This is the exact kind of project that requires a very skilled hand because the veneer is extremely thin. And it is much harder to refinish than solid wood. This process is extremely labor intensive due to the high level of sanding and staining needed to create a beautiful and flawless finish. It also requires a polyurethane spray coating to be able to withstand long-term usage.

There are hundreds of DIY projects to choose from so don’t be scared to take a chance and make something new out of something old. If time or capacity isn’t on your side, we’d be happy to help you accomplish these or any other project you may have in mind. Our professional services include painting, restoration, upholstery, and custom design so you know you can trust us to create something flawless for your home or business. If you want the look of a DIY project but don’t want to do-it-yourself, give us a call or visit our website to submit a work request.

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