Your Furniture Needs

Every custom-designed project begins with a conversation focused on your needs.

We ask questions.

We walk through and look at your space.

We capture your vision, then bring it to life through custom design.



The right kind of wood can add depth and texture that complement the design of a room and client’s vision. We use locally-sourced, woods, along with reclaimed lumber and live edge slabs. We offer a variety of species that include domestic hardwoods such as black walnut, and white oak along with many exotic imports. We also offer custom color matches for stains and paints along with clear coat wood finishes.

Veneer & Laminates

Real wood veneer and laminates are wonderful materials that offer a wide range of color and texture to create unique pieces of furniture. These versatile materials can be combined with metals, woods, or solid surface. Materials can be matched to architect specifications.


From cold roll steel to brass accents, we love to use metal. This versatile material adds a wow factor to any design. Depending on the space, metals can be fabricated to look industrial or powder coated for a clean modern look. Metals are commonly used for furniture bases, architectural wall panels as well as planter boxes.


Textiles offer limitless potential in design. Whether bold colors or soft textures are needed, fabrics, vinyl and leathers offer the right solution when creating custom furniture. Once the desired textiles are chosen, we can incorporate them into a myriad of items, from banquettes to, wall panels to room dividers.


Glass and steel don’t just have to be simply commodities. We can build tables, doors, shelves, dividers and art of glass. It can be simply clear, acid-etched or back-painted with various edge and locking details. Steel can be used to create custom bases, laser cut dividers and wall art.  In order to match the feel of a client’s space, steel can be left to look industrial or powder coated to tie into any color pallet in the room.

Stone & Solid Surface

Stone & Solid Surface – Natural stone, granite, quartz and solid surface are excellent materials for their durability and beauty. No matter what the choice in application these tough surfaces provide long lasting use and design appeal.