Project Description


LC Interiors had a specific artistic vision of creating numerous sculptural figures for the interior of Scientel’s new building. Jones Ward Design Solutions worked closely with them to develop a series of expressive organic shapes to enhance the existing industrial workspace. Conceptual sketches and renderings, with linear dimensions and specific size and height requirements, guided the choices in the materials and methods that were employed. 

The construction of the varied art pieces utilized the decorative Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban, which is a technique that actually preserves the wood by charring it. Once the carbonized color was established, the wood was treated with a clear protective coat. The final result was a surprisingly durable wood with complex textured patterns crackling throughout the deep, rich black surface.

Problem solving was key to these creations. LC Interiors had a precise need and concept of unique custom-made artistic designs that still exude warmth from the use of organic materials. Relying our extensive experience with various materials and production methods, Jones Ward Design Solutions were able to turn the initial sketches into fully realized sculptural pieces. 

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