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Mondelez International

45 tables on a short timeline? We can do that! The new five-story Mondelez International global headquarters needed furniture to outfit their space – and a lot of it. The biggest was the 27 ft long conference table, an engineering feat. Built in sections to allow the pieces into the building’s elevators, the entire table is underpinned with a metal grid system. This system of channels allows the table top to perfectly sit on the base. Within the base, electrical systems had to be accessible, yet concealed. A series of panels provides access through the length of the base. To keep them in perfect alignment for years to come, we worked with Sterling Engineering to fabricate our own clips to allow the panels to stay in place without moving.

The client requested the maximum amount of legroom possible for these tables, so they were designed with cantilevers and extremely narrow bases. Even though the podium bases are narrow and slim, they still house electrical and AV components. High-pressure laminate was used on the top and base for all tables.

In addition to the 45 tables, we also built and installed four wood-veneer credenzas. The terrazzo top credenza pictured was perfectly matched to existing tables for color and wood species, with a walnut veneer.

Custom Built Wood Office Tables for Mondelez International
Custom Built Wooden Conference Room Furniture at Mondelez International in Chicago
custom built cafe tables at Mondelez International HQ in Chicago
Reupholstered furniture at Mondelez international
Custom built terizzo credenza by Jones Ward Design Solutions

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