Custom Built Bench for Uber HQ in Chicago

Puzzles generally come with the pieces already made. In the case of Uber, solving the puzzle meant building the pieces.

Uber wanted to create an employee-friendly work environment in a space filled with light from three expansive windows. To optimize the space and capitalize on the windows, GREC Architects envisioned continuous bench seating alternating with high and low workspaces spanning 74 feet.

Sounds simple – build one big piece. Not so simple. The heating and cooling units along the windows couldn’t support or anchor typical millwork-type pieces. Service access to the units was needed, so the furniture couldn’t be permanent. And the floor was uneven from end to end.

To solve this puzzling situation, we designed and built the unit as multiple pieces. The modular system is self-supporting and repeatable. High-pressure laminate on one-inch composite meets budget requirements and provides the support, strength and durability needed when the pieces are put together.

Custom built office desk with adjustable feet

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