Custom Built Wooden Hotel Breakfast Bar in Chicago

In this fast-paced world, people often find themselves away from home and office, living and working from a hotel. Comfort, convenience and environments that promote productivity are amenities we’re helping our hotel customers provide to their guests.

Custom Built breakfast area for Hilton Hotel in Chicago
Custom Hotel Cafe Furniture for Food & Beverages

Hotel lobby coffee bars are the epitome of convenience for the hurried traveler. As a high-use furnishing in a high-traffic area, they often require updating. We gave a fresh look to Hilton coffee bars with custom-built casework and millwork. The multilevel, multifunctional unit encased refrigerated units and provided storage, shelving and counters for beverage, coffee and espresso machines plus racking for a plethora of food, snacks and needed utensils. Careful measuring, planning and attention to detail created a fresh look in three Chicagoland Hilton Hotels ― all in a matter of six short weeks.

A New “WorkFrom” Space

For business travelers, work goes on. Get-it-done environments powered and connected, yet cozy and with minimal distractions are becoming commonplace. Working with Corporate Concepts, we helped design, then built to budget, about 40 solid maple desks that sit from 4 to 10 people for Chicago’s trendiest “WorkFrom” space ― the Hoxton in the Fulton Market district. Each desk has square edges, wireless chargers for every seat, hidden compartments for junction boxes for every two seats, tapered legs, stained and finished with a matte sheen. Check out our work on their website!

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