Custom Made Conference Table

Millwork is beautiful. Millwork also can be costly, depending on the size and scope of a project.

When Interior Architects and Corporate Concepts began to create the interior for Home Chef’s new corporate headquarters, their vision was of gleaming oak accented with contrasting warm and cool upholstery throughout the 75,000 square-foot space.

Custom Benches for Home Chef in Chicago
Custom Built Office Furniture at Home Chef

Given the opportunity to collaborate on the project, the team at Jones Ward applied outside-the-box thinking to value engineer a plan for Home Chef. Jones Ward proposed a cost effective approach to create the banquette seating and matching oak table base in the boardroom as well as the coordinating collaborative work areas throughout the space.

The boardroom pieces were built off site as modular units, then installed. Oak half-rounds intended to form solid wall panels were recreated as narrow wall-mounted accents, maintaining the vertical lines of gorgeous oak. The result ― the beautiful, cohesive look the designers envisioned ― created at a great price.

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