Creating structural designs and building 45 tables for the new five-story Mondelez International global headquarters was no small task.

Designs for the tables of varied shapes and sizes kicked off in November, and the project’s pace was no less than brisk. In fact, the drawings for the 27-foot cantilevered conference table were turned in just one short week, from concept to presentation. The crown jewel of our work for Mondelez, the conference room table with a top of riff-cut English white oak veneer, suspended by a laminate base built around a steel frame of trapezoid-shaped supports.

Structural integrity, long-life and flawless function were all considered and incorporated into designing the table and its base. But lack of freight elevators in the building located in the posh Fulton Market business district presented a unique challenge to designing and building the mammoth table. Because components had to fit into a standard-sized elevator, the laminate table base was built in modular sections and assembled on site. Millwork for the base was completed off site to exacting specifications to ensure a perfect fit for the completed project.

Custom Made Wooden Office Furniture for Mondelez HQ

Managing and multi-tasking

In tandem with construction of the conference room table, another 44 tables were being designed and built at the same time. While bases for all the tables are made of matching high-pressure laminate, size and shape of the tables varied to match the rooms and individuals who would be using them. Round, square and rectangular tabletops were created of laminate or stone. We also built and installed four wood-veneer credenzas in addition to the 45 tables.

Our thanks to Corporate Concepts and SCB for the opportunity to collaborate and execute your vision.

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